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Kiwi Kids News
Kiwi News for Kids. Check out what's happening in Aotearoa and beyond!

Topic - ANIMATION - Making a movie

Link to 'Where to Start'

Use these resources to help you decide what you would like to ‘master’ as your animation skill.

Your task is to create a movie. Find out how to do it here!


School Journal Listening Post

NZ Maths Week
Try some awesome challenges and see how well you can do!

Kiwi Kids News

Kiwi News for Kids. Check out what's happening in Aotearoa!

What's Going on in the World?

Time for Kids

Kids News


Maori Myths and Legends:



How Maui slowed the sun

Ranginui and Papatuanuku Pt 1 & 2

How to pronounce Maori

Maori words for festivals, days, months, seasons, greetings etc

Practice your Maori pronunciation - listen and say.
Try saying the Maori alphabet.

100 common Maori words
Listen and see how many of these words you can say.

Cool Maths Games

Play these cool games to improve your maths skills?

New Zealand Maths Week!
Try some activities here from maths week.

Study Ladder
Get your teacher to help you sign in.
Then try your skills to beat the challenges

Great maths challenges
Can you solve the challenge?

Cool Maths 4 Kids
Try these cool activities and games to improve your maths skills?

Test your maths skills with these awesome games

Math games
Try these great Place Value games 

Spelling City

Try your spelling skills in Spelling City

Wicked games to learn from!
Try these games and puzzles. See what you can learn!

Read along with a Harry Potter book!

Poems and Stories for Kids!
Read some of these and maybe write your own!

Cool Activities for kids!

Cool Science Activities for kids!

BBC Science
More cool Science activities for kids :)

Reading - Phonics Activities
Have fun with words and pictures.