Teacher Sites

Check these sites out to aid your effectiveness as a classroom teacher.

T.K.I. - Assessment
Check out NZ assessment tools.

Junior and Middle Teachers - Interactive Science sites for Mimio
Check out these interactive science activities and use sites that are useful.

Life Education Trust - Units and resources
Check out these units and resources.

Junior Teachers - About Me Activities
Check out these 'About Me' activities and use sites that are useful.

Teachers - Relationship Activities for kids
About relationships and getting on with others.

Teachers - Responsibilities Activities
Check out these 'About Me' and 'Friends' downloads for kids to use.

Teachers - About Science in the Curriculum
Check out science ideas and concepts

Education Council
Look here to find the forms you need to print out and fill in for registration.


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A child friendly Encyclopedia about almost everything!

Learning Media

Catalogues, information about products, ordering resources from Learning Media

TKI - Home Page

Lots of great resources.

Teaching Online

This is the site for the magazine Starters & Strategies. Has good links to useful sites.

Sunshine On Line
This site takes you to the Sunshine units. (Enter Puhinui as user, password m964m964 if needed - prob isn't)


Reviewed sites for teachers - excellent starting point.

Crossword Maker

Use this site to make and print a crossword (or criss cross)

Assessment Resource Bank
Science, English and Maths assessment tasks. (User id is arb, and password is guide.)

Excellent early Literacy games and activities.

From Now On

The Jamie McKenzie online journal with lots of links to useful and thought provoking sites.

New Zealand Herald

Keep an eye on the latest news.

eVent Cinemas

Check out what movies are on.

Early Maths Resources

Lots of patterns for making maths equipment for Yrs 1-3. Requires Acrobat.

New Zealand Maths

Use this site to find teaching materials for levels 1 to 4.

Enchanted Learning

Useful resources and activities


This is an assessment package where administrators design a test from an item bank, and use it for aggregated data. Levels 2, 3, 4.

English Online
English Online
Masses and masses of really useful resources and activities

School Supplies

Catalogues and costs online.

Stationery Warehouse

Business to business on line shopping - catalogue and costs

Numeracy Planning Assistant

Use this site to plan activities, knowledge and strategy activities, teacher led and independent.

Journal Surf

Look up stories and articles in  school journals using this online facility. (Login as Puhinui School, pw please?)

The Arts on-line: Drama, Music, Dance, Visual Arts.

Great ideas and info. All you need to know about the Arts.

Great site For Teachers

Shared resources. Access and share ideas on classroom set up, environment, management, learning centres, activites etc.

NZ Maths Games - Bright Sparks

Great Games for learning Maths Concepts.

Thinking Skills

Puhinui Thinking Habits, 6 Thinking Hats, using Graphic Organisers, integrating thinking skill into the curriculum.

Teacher Resources

Super Worksheets

Art Lessons & Ideas
Great lesson plans

Appreciating Art
Famous paintings / Art lessons

Art Tips & Techniques
Great ideas

More Great Art Lessons & ideas

Great lesson plans

Drawing lessons & activities
Great Ideas & activities

Maths Lead Teachers - wikis
Teachers discussions on Maths topics