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What's going on in NZ and around the World?  Cool news!

From NZ Maths Week
Try some awesome challenges and see how well you can do!

Topic - Space - the final frontier!

         - Solar System and beyond

Our Solar System

What are some interesting facts about the planets in our solar system?

The sun and our solar system
Why is the sun so important to us and the solar system?

More about the planets
Can you name the planets in order? Take a tour of the Solar System to navigate your way around - this is cool!

How do the seasons work?
Can you explain why the seasons change?

The Phases of the Moon
Why do we have a full moon and a new moon etc? What causes the moon to look different and what is happening. This cool video explains it.

More about the planets
Can you name the planets in order?

Our galaxy and the universe
What do you know? What do you want to find out?

Explore Mars
Check out some cool facts about Mars.

More fun stuff about SPACE.
Take a quiz or design a project. Share what you have found out!

Space Facts
Check out some cool facts about SPACE!Adventure to Mars
Travel to Mars! Will you survive??

Topic - ANZAC Day

Check out some background info, like how long did the battle at Gallipoli last, and why it is held on 25 April?

ANZAC DAY - Kiwi Kids News
Check out Kiwi Kids News for lots of facts about ANZAC Day

Watch a video My Grandad Marches on ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day Poem
In Flanders Field

ANZAC Day - Auckland Museum
Some happenings from WW1


Our School Website
This is what your parents and the public can see about our school.

Images for Puhinui School
Can you find someone you know?


NZ Maths Week
Can you do the challenges and become a Maths Millionaire?

Writing Tips
Do you want to know how to write a good story

Informative writing
Why not use informative writing skills to make a newspaper?


BBC Science
Find out how things work and change!

BBC Bitesize
Find out about lots of things!

Science for Kids USA
Learn stuff, Play games, Watch videos!

Study Ladder
Get your teacher to help you log in.
Then try these great activities to help your learning

New Zealand Maths Week
Try some awesome activities here

Cool Maths Games:
Find out how good you are at these great maths games! Choose a maths topic and get started.

Math games
Try these great Place Value games    

Cool Maths 4 Kids
Try these cool activities and games to improve your maths skills?

Can you solve these math problems and challenges?
Can you solve the challenge?    

Check out your maths skills

Using Inspiration
Some good ideas for using Inspiration to help your thinking    

Spelling City
Try your spelling skills at Spelling City

Use a Dictionary
Find words, puzzles, & activities    

Natural Heritage Collection
Awesome site - great nature pics

Books Books Books
Review a book from our library and comment on other reviews.
Share your opinions!    

Wicked games to learn from!
Try these games and puzzles. See what you can learn!
New Zealand Authors
Information about many well-known New Zealand authors and their books.

Famous Authors

Find out about authors like Lemony Snickett, Andy Griffiths, Dick King Smith, Anne Fine, Judy Blume ... and many more!

Why is it important to pronounce Maori correctly?
Watch the video. Do you agree?

Practice your Maori pronunciation - listen and say.
Try saying the Maori alphabet.

Learn some common words and phrases
Listen and try them.

100 common Maori words
Listen and try some.

Maori words for festivals, days, months, seasons, greetings etc