School Vocabulary
Learn the words for things and places around the school.

The Maori people have a special word for treasure – taonga.

Tour of Papatoetoe
Look at these pictures of Papatoetoe.

The Story of Milk
Find out how cows make milk for us to drink.

Asian Countries
Photos of Cambodia, China, Japan, Indonesia, and India.

Dinosaur Jokes
Simple dinosaur jokes to read and enjoy.

Read about the different kinds of houses people live in.

Transport Time Line
Find out about different ways of travelling round over time.

Bannatyne Pictures
Look at pictures about gum, vans, vats, scouts, Egypt, Andromeda, dams….

Bannatyne Stories
Read some of the Bannatyne stories, and hear them read aloud to you.

Read about the animals and cowboys, and what they do in a rodeo.

Duck Shooting
Read about ducks, and hunters and their hunting dogs.

Know your Colours
Practise your colours, and test yourself to see how many you know.